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Product Detail

3 axles 7.4 Airstream model shiny food trailer American food truck

American standard long trailer
with US. standard sliding glass window
up-blast range hood
3 compartment sink
Model YA-74
Body size 740*210*260cm
Functions bakery, burger, taco, drinks, pasta, sandwich, BBQ, chips, bubble tea
Product details

Model: YA-74

Dimension: 740*210*260cm

Interior size: 720*200*200cm

Tare weight: 2270 kg

Payload: 2830kg

Color: shiny silver

Axle:   triple solid square axle (50*50mm)

Brake: disc brake

Tires: 185 R14C 102/100Q

Voltage: 110~380V, 50~60HZ

Wires: 6mm2 , 2.5mm2

Sockets: The US. sockets *10

Water supply: tap water or water tanks

Materials: color steel plates, galvanized steel tubes.

Customized items (cost extra):

generator tank

gas cylinder tank

sliding glass window

roof mounted air conditioner

range hood

under bench fridge

3 compartment sink

hand washing sink

water tanks

gas fryer

gas griddle

gas laval rock grill

pasta cooker

bain marie

cups sealing machine

milk sharking machine

panini machine

microwave oven

ice maker

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