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Product Detail

EU standard concession trailer fast food truck

Model YC2-28
Body size 280*200*240cm
Functions fast food, beverage
Product details

Model: YC2-28

Dimension: 280*200*240cm

Interior size: 260*187*200cm

Tare weight: 710 kg

Payload: 1090kg

Color: red

Axle: single AL-KO torsion axle

Brake: no

Tires: 165/70 R13 79T

Voltage: 110~380V, 50~60HZ

Wires: 4mm2 , 2.5mm2

Sockets: The EU sockets *3

Water supply: tap water or water tanks

Materials: Polyurethane plate and galvanized steelsheets

Customized items (cost extra):

al-ko torsion axle

generator tank

range hood

single sink with tanks

cash drawer

garbage bins

hatch top start light

Pictures belowYF2-23,28...png


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