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Product Detail

Yowon commercial outdoor living house mobile spacecraft type camping house for sale

Model SC-85
Body size 859*335*341cm
Functions camping spacecraft
Product details

Model: SC-85

Outside standard itmes:

Frame material: galvanized steel tubes

Aluminum outside shell

Fluorocarbon paint

Spray foam insulation expanding on walls

Door with smart combination lock

60L electric water heater

2 layers tempered glass wall

Skylight with electric curtain

LED strip lights

Balcony with guardrail

Water proof balcony door

Wooden roof with lights for balcony

Water proof WPC floor for balcony

Strong support legs

Inside items:

Roof: E0 level environmentally friendly boards

Wall :E0 level environmentally friendly boards

LED strip lights and LED downlights

Silent and environmentally friendly WPC floor

Customized long table with storage

Electric curtain

Smart projector

Electric projection screen

2P split air conditioner

Bathroom and toilet:

Water proof floor tile

Water proof environmentally friendly board

Smart toilet

Washbasin with smart mirror

Efficient temperature control tap

Efficient fan heater

Pictures below:



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